Template Folders

You can organize and control access to your templates using Template Folders.

Create a Template Folder

Navigate to the Templates page using the left navigation menu.

Click on the 'Create New Folder' button. This button will only be visible to Administrators.

A popup window will be displayed. Enter the folder name and set the required permissions.

By default, the 'All Users' group will be granted 'Edit' permissions on the folder.

Click the 'Save Template Folder' button. Your new folder will be created and the screen will refresh.

Create New Template Folder

Add a Template To a Folder

All templates that have not been placed in to a folder will be in the 'Unfiled' folder.

Find your template and click on the 'Change Folder' tab.

Click on the 'Folders' select list control and click on the folder you want to add the template to.

Folder Permissions

You must have 'Edit' permission on a folder to be able to add a template to it. If you do not have the required permission the folder will be disabled in the select control.

The template will be moved to the selected folder and a confirmation message will appear. Click on the folder you moved the template to. The template will now be displayed in that folder.

Add Template To Folder

Edit & Delete a Folder

If you have 'Edit' permissions on a folder you will be able to edit and delete the folder.

Hover over the folder and two icons will appear. If you do not see these icons you do not have 'Edit' permission on the folder.

The icon on the top left allows you to edit the folder name and permissions. The icon on the top right allows you to delete the folder.

If you delete the folder all templates contained with the folder will be moved back to the 'Unfiled' folder. Any permissions the templates inherited from the deleted folder will also be removed.

Add Template To Folder

Template Folder Permissions

Templates inherit the permissions set on the folder they are contained in.

Administrator users have full access to all templates and folders. This is the case even when they have been granted a different permission on the folder.

Guest users cannot edit or view any templates.

Only Member users are affected by the permissions set on the template folders.

If a user is affected by multiple permissions, the permission with the highest level will be applied. For example, if the 'All Users' group has been given 'View' permission but the user has also been given 'Edit' permission, the 'Edit' permission will be used.

Unfiled templates cannot be permissioned. Therefore, any templates not added to a specific folder will be editable by all non guest users.