Control Types

There are two types of controls in CheckFlow. Content Controls display information and Input Controls capture input from the user.

Content Controls

Content Controls are read-only. They are used to display information to the user.

Content controls include:

  1. Text
  2. Image
  3. Video
  4. File
  5. Mail-To
  6. Embed

Input Controls

Input Controls are used to capture input from the user.

Input controls include:

  1. Short Text
  2. Long Text
  3. E-Mail
  4. Website
  5. File Upload
  6. Date & Time
  7. Drop-Down
  8. Multi-Choice
  9. Sub-Tasks
  10. Members

All of the above controls can be marked as required. When a control is marked as required the parent task cannot be completed until a value has been entered in to the control.