Using the Dashboard

The Dashboard contains a grid which displays the checklists you have permission to view.

Each checklist in the grid can be expanded to reveal the tasks in the checklist. Some tasks may be hidden or disabled depending on the permissions settings for the template and/or task.

The grid can be filtered and searched using the controls above the grid.

There are also buttons displayed at the top of the dashboard for these common actions:

  • Create New Template
  • Create & Run New Checklist
  • Create New Schedule

These buttons have been added for your convenience. All of these actions can also be performed using the Quick Create button from the navigation menu on the left.


You can use the filters at the top of the page to control what is displayed in the grid.

There are filters for the checklist status and for the template the checklist is derived from. Both filters are multi-select controls.

By default the filters will be set to show all checklists in a status of scheduled, in progress or recently completed (completed in the previous 24 hours).


The search function allows you to search for checklists with specifc text. Enter your search text and the grid will only display checklists with a name, description, task or content that contains your search text.

Dashboard Filter and Search


The grid is updated in real-time. If someone in your team updates a checklist your dashboard will get the update and display it for you. This is all done behind the scenes without the need to refresh your page.

The grid displays the checklist name, template name and version, scheduled / started or completed date and time, status, assignees, tasks complete and an actions button.

The grid will only display data that you have permission to view.

Viewing Checklist Tasks

You can expand each checklist in the grid to reveal the tasks. To do this click on the circle with the plus icon on the left of the checklist name.

Some tasks may be hidden or greyed out if you do not have permission to view or complete them.

Updating Checklist Tasks

If a task can be completed you will be able to check the checkbox to complete the task. If the task cannot be completed this will be because of one of the following reasons:

  1. The task is assigned exclusively to one or more other users. Or, it is assigned exclusively to one or more groups that you are not a member of.
  2. You have permission to view the task but not to complete it.
  3. The task has one or more required fields that have not been completed.

If a task cannot be completed it will either be greyed out (in the case of 1. and 2. above), or you will receive an error message notification telling you why it cannot be completed.

Dashboard Expand and Complete Tasks