File Upload Control

The File Upload control allows you to prompt the user to upload one or more files. All files that are uploaded are stored in our cloud storage.

The File Upload control consists of a label and some numeric selectors to specify the minimum and maximum number of files that can be uploaded. The control also shows a preview of the 'Upload' button and an example file box.

The File Upload control should not be mistaken for the File control. The File control is read only, i.e. it is used to simply display files to the user so that they can download them. You upload the file in the template and it is displayed in the checklist.

Add to the Template

The File Upload control can be added from the controls toolbar in the Template.`

Once you have added the control you must set the label text that will be displayed above the Upload button.

You can require that the user uploads a minimum and maximum number of files. If you leave the minimum at 0 (which is the default) the field will be optional.

Use in the Checklist

The File control displays in the Checklist as below.