Auto Generated Values

The scheduler uses auto generated values to dynamically build the name of any checklists it creates.

This allows you to generate unique names for your checklists, even when they're created automatically by the scheduler.

Auto Generated Value Tags

The following tags are avaliable to use:

Auto Generated Value TagExample Output
{{ }}Template Name
{{ }}05/01/18
{{ }}05/01/2018
{{ }}01/05/18
{{ }}01/05/2018
{{, MMMM d }}Friday, January 5th
{{, MMMM d, yyyy }}Friday, January 5th, 2018
{{ d, yyyy }}January 5th, 2018
{{ d }}January 5th
{{ checklist.time.HH:mm }}13:44
{{ checklist.time.HH:mm:ss }}13:44:34

How To Insert An Auto Generated Value Tag