Shared Checklist Branding

You can brand your checklists and share them with your customers and external partners.

Using these features can transform the way you do business.

Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Standardize your external processes
    • Example - You may subcontract some work to another business and you want to ensure that the work is done in a certain way. Create a shared checklist and ask the subcontractor to complete it.
  • Gather data in a structured way
    • Example - When you onboard a new customer you may require a specific set of information from them. The simplest way to gather that data is to build a checklist that your customer can follow and complete in their own time. You won't have to waste time sending back and forth emails to get the information you require. It will all be there in the checklist.
  • Give a professional and organized impression
    • Example - When you interact with your clients and external partners in this way, they will see that you're a professional and organized business with a standardized way of working. This can only be a good thing. First impressions count.

How to Brand Your Shared Checklists

All of the settings to brand your checklists can be accessed by going to your Team Management page and clicking on the Shared Checklists tab.

Here is the direct link:

You can view more details on how to configure thse settings using our example shared and branded checklist in the section below.


Check out our example Shared & Branded Checklist.