Archive Checklists

Archiving checklists allows you to declutter your report views while keeping checklists accessible for future reference. This guide is intended for Administrators who wish to manage their checklists efficiently. Follow the steps below to archive checklists from the 'Reports' dashboard.

Accessing the Archive Feature

  1. Navigate to the 'Reports' dashboard.
  2. Within the dashboard, you'll find a grid layout displaying your checklists.

Selecting Checklists for Archiving

  1. Identify the checklists you wish to archive. You can use the filters to help you find checklists.
  2. Select a checklist by clicking on the row in the grid. Utilize the Shift or Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) keys for rapid selection of multiple checklists.
  3. After selection, click on the 'Selected' button. This action will display various options.
  4. Choose 'Archive Selected Checklists' from the available options. A confirmation popup will appear to ensure intentional archiving.

Confirming the Archival Process

Upon confirming the action in the popup, the selected checklist(s) will be moved to the 'Archived Checklists' view. This process ensures the checklist is preserved but not visible in the main grid, helping maintain a tidy and organized views.

Accessing and Restoring Archived Checklists

To view or restore archived checklists, navigate to the 'Archived Checklists' view. This can be found by using the 'Report Views' selector. From here, you can easily access all archived checklists and, if necessary, restore them back to your main report views.

Additional Resources

For a comprehensive understanding of this feature, we highly recommend watching our instructional video. It provides a visual guide to archiving checklists, ensuring you can utilize this feature to its full potential.