Slack Notifications

CheckFlow sends a number of notifications when specific actions occur.

These notifications can be sent by Email or to your Slack workspace.

If you would like to receive notifications in your Slack workspace you must add our CheckFlow for Slack App to your Slack workspace.

Types of Notifications

Here are the types of notifications we send:

  • When a task you are assigned to becomes overdue.
  • When a task is assigned to you.
  • When you are @mentioned in a comment.
  • When a new comment is made on a task you're assigned to.
  • When a custom notification rule is triggered. These rules can include:
    • When a task is completed.
    • When a task is uncompleted.
    • When a task is marked not applicable.
    • When the status of a task changes (covering the above three scenarios).
    • When a checklist is completed.
    • When a checklist is uncompleted.
    • When the status of a checklist changes (covering the above two scenarios).
    • When a task is due in a given period in the future.
    • When a task is overdue by a given period.

Add Our Slack App

In order to receive CheckFlow notifications in your Slack workspace you must add our Slack app.

The app only needs to be added once. When it has been added it will be available to your entire Slack workspace. All users in CheckFlow can then choose to receive messages in Slack.

The Slack app can be added from the API & Integrations tab in the Team Management page. You must be an Administrator to access this page.

If the Slack app has not been added yet you will see the Add to Slack button. Click this to start the process.

Add to Slack button

Once you click the Add to Slack button you will be redirected to Slack where you will be asked to grant the CheckFlow Slack app access to your workspace.

You can review the permissions the app requires to send messages to your workspace. The app only requires basic permissions. We do not do anything with the information in your Slack account.

If you're happy to proceed click on the Allow button.

Slack Confirm Installation

You will be reurned to the Team Management page. You should see that the Slack App Status now shows as Installed.

User Communication Preferences

Once the Slack app has been added each CheckFlow user can choose how they would like to receive any notifications.

This can be done in the Communication Preferences section of the User Profile page.

Administrators can also change the Communication Preferences for any user in your team. To do this go to the Users tab in the Team Management page and click on the name of a user to view and edit their profile.

Each user can choose whether they want to receive certain types of notifications via Email, Slack, Neither or Both.

Use the Yes/No toggle switches to configure each notification type.

Slack Confirm Installation

User Mapping

We map the CheckFlow and Slack users using their email address. If a CheckFlow user's email address does not exist in your Slack workspace we will not be able to send notifications to Slack for that user.