Delete Checklists

Deleting checklists permanently removes them from your system, making this action irreversible. It's crucial to ensure that any checklist selected for deletion is no longer needed for future reference. This guide is tailored for Administrators tasked with maintaining a clean and efficient workspace by managing their checklists. Follow the instructions below to delete checklists from CheckFlow.

Accessing the Delete Feature

  1. Navigate to the 'Reports' dashboard.
  2. Within the dashboard, you'll find a grid layout displaying your checklists.

Selecting Checklists for Deletion

  1. Identify the checklists you wish to permanently delete. You can use the filters to help you find checklists.
  2. Select a checklist by clicking on the row in the grid. Utilize the Shift or Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) keys for rapid selection of multiple checklists.
  3. After selection, click on the 'Selected' button. This action will display various options.
  4. Choose 'Delete Selected Checklists' from the available options. A confirmation popup will appear to verify your intent to permanently delete the selected checklist(s).

Confirming the Deletion Process

It's important to note that once you confirm this action, the selected checklist(s) will be permanently deleted from the system. This means they cannot be recovered or restored at a later date. Ensure the checklists selected for deletion are indeed intended to be removed forever.

Deletion Cannot Be Undone

Once a checklist has been deleted it cannot be recovered.

Additional Resources

For a comprehensive understanding of this feature, we highly recommend watching our instructional video. It provides a visual guide to deleting checklists, ensuring you can utilize this feature to its full potential.