Short Text Control

The Short Text control allows you to capture a single line of text from the user.

The Short Text control consists of a single line text box and a label. The label should be used to inform the user of the type of data to enter in to the text box.

Add to the Template

The Short Text control can be added from the controls toolbar in the Template.

Once you have added the control you must set the label text that will be displayed above the text box.

If you would like the Short Text control to be a required field, you can check the "Is Required?" checkbox.

Use in the Checklist

The Short Text control displays in the Checklist as below.


When a Short Text control is marked as required we will perform validation when the user completes the task. We will not allow the task to be completed until a value has been entered in to the text box.

Validation error messages are shown below the text box.

If you try to complete a task outside of the checklist (e.g. from the Dashboard) and it fails validation we will notify you of the validation failure via a pop-up message.